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Marketing Online and Offline

There are endless ways to marketing online and offline.  Here we will discuss all the wonderful ways of getting the most bang for your buck.  While offline marketing used to be the only way to go, the internet has changed the marketing game forever. ...

How Being a Web Designer is about Listening

Web designers should have both knowledge in HTML and be highly skilled in creating an overly confident (or just plain arrogant) web designer who doesn’t listen to the client, because “he or she doesn’t know what they’re talking about”,...

Public Relations

Recently I had a client that was going to host a wine and dinner party for charity. What a great idea…each course would accompany a wine. We would send html email invites to all their clients in the database and the restaurant would host a wonderful...

How did I get here?

Here it goes, my first post! I’m a graphics guru, a creative marketing goddess, typically “writing is just not my thing,” but I’m excited about writing a blog! I’m looking forward to sharing my views, opinions and expertise in the world of graphic...