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10 Tips For Law Firm Logo Design

Designing a logo for your law firm is a huge step and foundation of its success. Without proper branding, your firm won’t even get the chance to pitch its services to potential clients because they’ve already lost interest. You need a solid logo to...

Custom Logo Design Tips for Beginners

Designing Logos is no easy task, that’s why there are so many well-paid professionals, and a great deal many more not-so-well-paid, but nonetheless legitimate, experts in the field of logo design doing the work for others. The industry is riddled with...

Nine Reasons Why Finding The Right Web Designer Is Crucial For The Success Of Your Business

The digital era has arrived. What that fact means to savvy business executives is that they better be prepared with an Internet presence that promotes sales and the business brand. Selecting the right web designer is key to that process. Preferential...

4 Fun Photo Editing Tools In The Cloud

Not too long ago, complex photo editing software was only available to people working in the graphic design industry. But now, thanks to cloud computing and HTML5, everyone can access image editing applications through a regular web browser. What’s...

Useful Tips and Tools For Top Tech Writers

Being a tech writer is not always easy, especially since technology wants to constantly change. This means that tech writers not only need to be extremely knowledgeable in their topics and area of expertise, but they also need to be able to become knowledgeable...

6 Things To Consider When Designing A Restaurant’s Website

From photography to considering mobile users, web masters have to consider a lot when it comes to a restaurant’s website. We’ve put together a list of key issues any restaurant should consider when creating their website. Mobile Optimize:...

Three Questions To Consider Before Designing A Legal Website

The internet is one of if not the most effective ways to inform a mass amount of potential customers about your firm without the cost and time constraints of a television ad. A good site can certainly do most of the talking and you just have to bring...

4 Steps For Editing And Proofreading Like A Pro!

In an ideal world, we would all have expert proof-readers and editors at our disposal, waiting to go over manuscripts and articles as soon as we’re done writing and that, too, for free. Alas! As we all know, the world is anything but ideal. Getting...