Cloud Processing with Google Docs

Cloud is not new by any stretch of the imagination, but Google docs has taken it to an entirely new level. Rather than dealing with a locally installed word processor you can now use a word processor installed on Google’s server. Why would you do this? How does it benefit you? You might be surprised to learn the answer! 

Being able to log onto Google docs from anywhere in the world helps you to locate your files on the fly and put them to use. In addition to word processing Google offers several other document services such as spreadsheets and presentation capabilities. No matter what you need, Google seems to have set a precedent for it and will more than likely continue it’s journey into home and business computing.

The Google docs suite opens an avenue for not only office users, but also those who want to take advantage of netbooks. Because the devices are internet based, it helps greatly to have a link to Google Docs sitting on the desktop. Chromium is an operating system developed by Google and takes advantage of the Google Docs suite in a local browser. This certainly helps the average user to deal with a light operating system on a light computer, and it renders business much more effective. You may also enjoy finding out about  Useful Tips for Top Tech Writers.

Cloud benefits for Google Docs

Secure Backups: All documents are stored within your Google account, and that backup will always exist. If your hard drive fails or you lose your flash drive, you can simply log into Google docs and find just what you need. Many will argue that Google should not be trusted to handle such information, but Google did not rise to the top by doing halfway jobs.

Share Instantly: In an office environment it is very important to be able to share information. If you were to use a standard, local word processor, you would need to save the file, e-mail it or put it on a flash drive, and wait for the employee or co-worker to open it. With Google docs everything can be uploaded to a central server. It will be accessible by anyone you choose, and through this you can share documents more efficiently.

Free: Yes, Google docs is 100% free to anyone that chooses to make use of it. The best part is the fact that it functions just as well as Microsoft Word because it runs in the web browser, it does not require any type of hard drive space. This is a huge perk for many, and it is definitely something that you should explore for Cloud purposes.

It isn’t widespread just yet, but word of Google docs has been planted, and it won’t be long before people are asking about the new Google docs and what it can do for your business. That being said, what can Google docs do for YOUR business?  There’s only one way to find out!

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