Effective E-mail Marketing – Breaking Through the Clutter

When executed correctly, it’s estimated that return on investment for an effective e-mail marketing campaign is $40 for every $1 spent. But how do you break through the clutter and not end up in the spam bucket? Here’s your plan for success.

Your List

To avoid the spam folder, get permission from recipients before you begin e-mail marketing by including sign-up buttons on your webpage and offer incentives to get customers to sign up.

Set up auto-responders that welcome people to your list, send out birthday reminders and special offers that go out on specific days.

Keep your list up to date and segment it geographically, demographically, or by purchase activity for greater relevancy.

Your Message

Be yourself, keep it simple, and always, always put your company name in the “From” field.

Never use all caps and phrases like “Click Here!” or your message will go straight to spam.

Always send a test email to yourself and check formatting, spelling, etc.

Always include a clear call to action. Concisely tell your reader what action you want them to take and make it very easy for them to do it.

Your Results

What results did the e-mail generate? By tracking what works and what doesn’t you will be able to refine and define what triggers response with the people on your list. This will allow you to tweak future messages, rethink the target audience and fine-tune your e-mail marketing efforts for maximum success.