Email Marketing is a Two Way Street

Who ever said that email marketing must be one-way push marketing?  Sure, by the very nature of the medium, an email newsletter or email blast begins with one-way communication.  But there are several techniques that you can employ to transform that one-way communication into a dialogue, engaging readers who are interested in you, in the content of your email blast, in your services and in your company!  Here are a few:

1.  Use the word “You” in the title and body of your articles.  Talk directly to and with your reader and ask open ended questions, being sure to suggest how they can respond (a link to your Facebook wall?  A reply-to email address?)

2.  Include a clear call to action.  And include it more than once!  What are you trying to accomplish through your email blast?  Do you want readers to visit your blog to comment on a particular post?  Do you want them to check out your new video spokesperson on your website (check out ours!).  Do you want them to visit your Yelp profile or your Merchant Circle profile and to leave a review? Then ask!

3.  This one is a no-brainer these days, but still worth mentioning.  Be sure to include links to all of your social media assets and encourage people to visit them, to follow you and to contribute to the dialogue.  At a minimum, include a link to your Facebook Page, your Twitter profile and your blog.

Give those three suggestions a try.  Stop back to this post and leave us a comment with your success stories or your challenges in using these tactics to transform your email communications!