What Most Clients Don’t Know About Graphic Design

To be a successful graphic designer, you need to be upfront with your clients along with educating them. Most people have an idea in their heads of what they want but have a hard time getting it across. You’ll need to consider all that they don’t know about graphic design in order to build a successful working relationship. If you are respectful, confident and backed by a solid reputation this shouldn’t be a problem.

Graphic Design Misconceptions That Your Client May Have

Often your clients will think it’s going to be easy and fast for you, the graphic designer, to create what they want. That is often a huge misconception! Often times it can take several rounds to create what they think they want. Sometimes, once you show your design to them, the client change their minds. The client will see that their original graphic design idea is just not going to work, or that your design isn’t good enough. Be patient and work out the problem with the client. If you have built a trusting relationship with them, be honest with them in telling them how you stuck to your instructions. Sometimes a client needs to be convinced that the final design was their idea. Most clients will appreciate the fact that you’re being honest and saving them money.

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Also, if they need the design to be changed, make sure it is done according to the contract they signed. Whether there’s a redesigning fee, a “no redesigning” agreement, etc. You and the client need to follow through with the graphic design contract. Discuss other options. Work through the issues in a professional way. Don’t let the problem ruin a good work experience.

Most clients don’t realize that if they want to use a particular photo for a custom graphic, it needs to be a high res version. Meaning it needs to have a resolution of 300 dpi at the very least for printed material and 72 dpi if the graphic is being created for the web. This is important information to share with them.

Most people don’t realize that monitor settings can affect how the graphic looks. No two monitors are set alike. Color settings along with brightness and contrast can change the appearance. Print the graphic design on quality paper via a laser printer. Show your client the correct colors. 

Last but not least, price will come up. Statements made by the client like “My cousin said he’d do the logo for only $20 an hour”  are meant to trick you into negotiating the price. You need to be able to remind them that your expertise is better than what amateur work they think they could get. Remind your client that the price comes with experience, quality, testimonials, and the value of working with a professional graph designer. Also remind them that since you have the experience, chances are you can complete their logo in fewer hours than an amateur color. Remind them that, as in most cases, they are getting get what they paid for.

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