Is He a Computer Geek?

It’s not always easy to spot a computer geek. They often look like normal people. This is the way they’ve been able to invade our society. At first, it was easy to spot them. We simply had to look for the pocket protectors, the eyeglasses with Scotch tape or electrical tape holding the broken frames together, and the briefcase they always carried. Now normal people carry briefcases, contacts have replaced eyeglasses and who the heck uses shirt pockets anymore? Wonder who the geeks are in your neighborhood?

Here are some ways to spot a computer geek……

If they challenge others to a game of “Chicken” but they mean online not on the road.
If they have a complete month’s worth of screen savers so their monitor feels well dressed every day.

If the rest of the house has no central AC but they have an industrial sized room unit for their computer.
If they can’t wait to get home so they can have some real fun indoors… and they mean with their computer.

If they celebrate the anniversary of the first time they used broadband but can’t remember any other birthdays or their wedding anniversary.

If their monitor is twice as large as the family TV and they wonder why the heck 8 people are having trouble watching a 15 inch set.

If they clean the monitor screen more than 3 times a day and have a HEPA filter in the room to keep the computer healthy.

If  their favorite place to go for some real action is Best Buy.

If  the salespeople at these stores know them by computer model number.

If their idea of cool clothes are those currently worn by the Geek Squad.

If their wife says “It’s twins” And they are disappointed to discover she didn’t mean matching laptops.

If their house is on fire and they grab the only really important thing…their computer system.

If they realize they forgot the power cord and send their wife back inside to get it.

If their mailbox is overflowing outside because they keep forgetting that snail mail still exists.

If they think their favorite RPG is a really awesome life and regular life is a really boring RPG.

If they  are currently found on every server just so they don’t miss anything important.

If they forget to pay their mortgage and car payments but their internet and cell phone are paid up in advance until 2020.

If computer help lines call them for assistance.

If they camp out in line for 2 weeks so that they can be the first to get the latest techno gadget, like the IPhone and don’t even complain that the price dropped soon after. They still think getting mugged and suffering through the flu was well worth being the first in town to use this bad boy.

If they can’t figure out your car tire size, but can tell you precisely how long it will take to ping someone in India or Australia from Seattle, Washington.

If they  really think that Bill Gates is God and Yahoo and AOL are religions

If they gave up reading books because books won’t scroll down.

If they can access their computer while riding their bike

If they can access your computer while riding their bike

If they can’t understand why people are worried about having a little case of pneumonia but have a meltdown when they hear about a new virus that is penetrating firewalls.

If they feel that capital punishment is wrong in most cases but it’s not a severe enough punishment for a person who sent a virus to their computer.