The Art of Saving on Gas Money

Put the Pennies Back in your Pocket

Here are some simple tricks for getting the most out of the money you fill up your gas tank with.  Since gas is getting more and more expensive, we have to think of ways to economize.  If you want to save a gallon of gasoline, then you are going to have to cut approximately 22 miles of driving from your week.   Here are ten of the easiest ways to save:

1.  Try the technique of “virtual meetings”.  This would be the perfect thing for your home business.  You can hold meetings with your clients at online collaboration sites.  You may want to consider creating a digital catalog instead of a printed one.  Try sending invoices, bills and proposals electronically.

2.  When you do have to use your car, slow down.  When you speed up, this uses more gas;  It ws just on the news that legislators are considering lowering the speed limit on Interstates to 60 mph.

3.  Even those who run their own business from home have errands to do.  Try combining several errands so that you only leave the house once.  If you can, park in a cental spot and walk from one place to another.

4.  Shop online.  Save your trips to the stores and try to do other errands online, too.  You can do banking, buy stamps and pay bills online.  If you need to shop for clothing, you have your biggest department store at you service online on the Internet..

5.  Drive a small car.  Do you own SUV or a fuel efficient sedan?  If you have any long trips to make during the week, always use the smaller car so you will save on gas.

6.  Ride a bike – Instead of having to drive everywhere, lace up your sneakers.  You may as well get some exercise while you are saving on gas,

7. Consider installing a GPS.  When you put one of these navigation systems in your car, it will enable you to find the shorter and the most efficient route when you have to leave the home to take care of other business.  You may already have a cell phone that has GPS technology.  Great!!

8.  If your job allows you to work from home, ask your boss whether you can pick one day when your coworkers and yourself can telecommute to save on gas.

9.  Check out any station that offers gas rebates.  It has become increasingly popular for small businesses to use gas-rebate credit cards. These give back to the spender a certain  percentage of what is spent at the gas pump.  They can be a very good deal as long as you pay your bill on time.

10. Stay on top of maintenance: Make sure that you keep your tires properly inflated.  This can save 8 cents a gallon on gas.  If your tires are under-inflated they will get much hotter and waste gas.  Replace you current gas cap with one that locks.  If it has a faulty seal, this can waste up to $50 in gas each year to evaporation.  Keep your air filter clean. You will save about 10% or about 28 cents per gallon.