Traditional Marketing Materials can help promote your website

Recently I developed a website for a company that had a fairly well established customer base however they wanted to start providing online services so that when their retail store location was closed, their customers could shop at their convenience. While the client was excited about attracting additional customers to their new website via online marketing methods like search engine optimization (SEO), they were concerned that their existing customers would not know that the website and they would continue to lose revenue when their retail location was closed. Well, fortunately MDesign Media has partnered with a creative marketing boutique who had a few traditional marketing suggestions to recommend:

Direct Mail: Our client had kept records of all of their clients which included mailing addresses. So we decided to develop a direct mail campaign introducing the new website to their existing clientele. We created copy, designed an eye catching visual that was consistent with their new online branding, printed high glossy postcards and bulk mailed the client’s entire database. We even included a coupon that clients could redeem on line. Our rate of return was more than 5% (which is well above the industry average of 2%).

In Store Displays: Since our client had a well established retail store which had quit a bit of traffic, we designed and printed a large poster board which we placed on an easel at the entrance of the clients store. We also made a smaller table top version which was placed on the counter by the check-out. In addition, we had extra copies of the post cards printed from the direct mail campaign and displayed them on the counter so customers could take the cards along so they would remember to go visit the website when they went home. In addition, we asked that all the sales staff put a postcard in everyone’s bag when they left the store. We are still tracking these results, but our initial response has been very good. Our client is very happy with this cost effective, traditional marketing campaign and is already seeing results. While cyberspace may be the way of the world, there may still be some place in this space for tradition!

Special to thanks to the Tampa Marketing Diva who I recommend can help you for your marketing programs.