Public Relations

Recently I had a client that was going to host a wine and dinner party for charity. What a great idea…each course would accompany a wine. We would send html email invites to all their clients in the database and the restaurant would host a wonderful wine dinner. Everyone would love it and the charity would make some money. But what about the people who were not on the restaurants email list know about the event? Public Relations to the Rescue!

Surely there were a lot of local folks whom have yet to visit the restaurant. A media alert, press release, and media pitching would help us increase awareness. It had to be targeted though. If we just sent the release to the local paper, no one may notice. So, who was the food editor? I did some research. I quickly had names of editors who were interested in food. Then I looked for some magazines that covered events in the local community. We had a media list! I sent the release to these folks; I called them. Guess what? They said it was a great idea! We had articles in all the local papers. The turn out was great and the client was very happy. A target approach surely paid off for us.