The Power and Importance of Referrals

When you are in charge of the a web design or graphic design business, one of your most powerful advertising tools is the referral.  When people like your work enough to recommend it, you’ll find that there are a number of different advantages that you can simply not find any other way. Even though that is the case, many professionals who work the field neglect to ask their pleased customers for a referral.

Benefits Of A Referral

Did you work well with your previous client? Was that client satisfied with the experience of working with you? Take advantage of it! If you see that your customer is pleased with your work, make sure that you ask them to refer you on to their friends and their colleagues! When a client refers your services to someone else there is a greater chance that you will gain a new client. A satisfied client is your best bet at getting you a new one. 

A personal referral goes a long way. It’s better than some advertisement that a potential client happens to stumble across. This is great advertising that you simply cannot buy, but earn! Once you’ve earned the privilege to get refered on a personal level, the possibilities are endless. Referrels are personal and effective because potential clients are getting referred by someone they trust! They are also hearing from your former client how pleasing it was working with you and the benefits that came with that experience. In addition to this benefit, you’ll see that there is also the advantage of association.  Even if the people who are referred to you don’t take you up on your services right away, they will associate your name  as a business that gets the job done! 

Getting A Referral Requires Being Forceful

Too many people asking for referrals are afraid of begging for attention or business.  The truth is, it should not be the case! Don’t be embarassed by requesting a referral! All you are asking your clients to do is give someone an honest review of your service.  You are not asking them to lie for you, and you are not asking them to go out of their way.  You are giving them a chance to help their friends find a service that has treated them well.  Don’t be too shy or too embarrassed to ask them to refer you to their friends. This is an important way to network and to make sure that you are in a situation where you can reap the rewards of good work.

A few tips to consider…

If you are nervous about asking for referrals, you’ll find that there are a few tips to keep in mind. 

  • Don’t ask for a referral until the client is happy!  This can happen when you are closing with them, or when you are finishing off the project.
  • Remember to let them know how important a referral can be to your business; you are essentially letting them know how important they and their good opinion are to you.
  • Remember that referrals can come from all sorts of places.  Be kind and understanding to the people who work with you and the people who are in related businesses; remember that you never know when a referral might make all the difference.

 When you are interested in growing your web design or graphic design business, make sure that you don’t underestimate what a good referral can do for you! You may also enjoy checking out What Is Skype and How Can I Use It For My Business?