Use Yahoo Answers as Part of Your SEO Strategy

One way you can get quality links back to your website is by using Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers is a product of Yahoo where users can ask questions and get feedback from other Yahoo Answers users. This system allows you to position yourself as an expert and answer questions related to your industry. 

Start by looking through the various categories and browse to the industry that best suits your business. You’ll be able to search for keywords and look through all the questions that have been asked. You can create an account in Yahoo Answers and answer the questions that Yahoo users have asked in the system.

When you answer the question that has been asked, you can include a link back to your websites as reference. It’s important that you add value and don’t make your answer commercial. The whole goal should be to provide the best answer to the question and add your link. This can easily be done by saying things like “the information was found from this source” or “there is a more detailed explanation at the link below”.

There is a limit to how many answers you can post a day on Yahoo Answers. In order to raise this limit, you need your answers to be chosen as the best. This will make you an authority on Yahoo Answers and will also allow you to post more answers during the course of a day.

This will lead to you being able to post more links. Yahoo Answers is also ranked highly in the search engines so if a particular question with your answer gets ranked for a keyword, it will result in additional traffic. The great thing about this strategy is that you get direct traffic from the site users and you also build backlinks to help your SEO efforts.

The key is to contribute helpful answers to the users. By doing so, you can leave a link as a resource. As a final tip, do not leave a direct affiliate link but rather a link to another source of content that can help users further. Of course, affiliate links and promotional links can be placed in the page but should not be a page set up to directly sell to visitors.