What You Shouldn’t Be Doing on Twitter!

Your company has a twitter account…good job! It’s so important to tweet and share information with your target audience. But are you aware of what you should and shouldn’t be doing on Twitter? It’s time to get updated on tweeting etiquette that you might not know about.

A common mistake that people make when it comes to Twitter is spam. In order to optimize social media, it’s important to get rid of unnecessary tweets, both from your followers and from you. You don’t want to loose followers do you? Here are some ways to get rid of the spam to make your Twitter account better!

Twitter behavior that should be avoided…

Too Many Tweets

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Is your company up-to-date on today’s social media trends? That’s great! You fully take advantage of your Twitter account and tweet everyday? Even better! But giving out 20 tweets a day… that could be viewed as Twitter spam

Why it’s bad: The advancement of scrolling makes it possible for users to read through lots of tweets in one sitting. It’s good to make a habit out of tweeting frequently. But if a follower finds an overabundance of posts from you in a single scroll-through, you’re seemingly taking over their Twitter feed. Too many postings that are back-to-back is unappealing, and is in fact considered spam.

How to improve: The obvious step to take would to be to decrease your tweets. But another good option would be to space out your tweets more throughout the day. This way you only have to slightly decrease your number of tweets when leaving more time in between each tweet.

Tweets About the News (outside of your industry)

Why it’s bad: Followers are already getting updates on current events from lots of other sources like CNN. Besides news and entertainment sources, plenty of people comment on or share current events. It’s unnecessary for your business account, another source, to share the same thing. You’re not a news source, therefore it’s not your job to talk about or post the news.

How to improve: Remember that people follow your Twitter account because they want to learn about you. Take advantage of your account to tell your followers about you and your business! Tweet all about business deals, events, articles pertaining to your area of expertise, and more!

Tweeting the Same Thing

Why it’s bad: Posting the same articles and links is just plain boring!

How to improve: Get creative with social media! Go above and beyond for your followers, you deserve top-quality information! Do a little research and make tweets about things that potential clients should know or may be interested to know. For example if your business is a personal injury law firm, tweet a helpful article about how to prevent car accidents. Remember that your Twitter account isn’t just about promoting your services, but also to educate followers on your area of expertise.

Follow All Your Followers

Why it’s bad: Sure, ‘following’ people is a key component to networking on Twitter. However, doing a ‘follow-back’ to every person who follows you is putting you at risk for polluting your news feed with spam. Why? Because not all your followers are quality Twitter accounts. Also, as a business getting quality followers is more important than finding people to follow on Twitter. 

How to improve: Make your Twitter feed a quality one. Do that by only following accounts that will provide you with useful information and links. Follow accounts that post tweets that have the potential to provide you with important information. Follow quality business-related accounts… such as a similar company, an entrepreneur or potential clients.

Twitter is the fastest and most effective way to share information. When you avoid these common mistakes, you’re building an optimized Twitter account! You may also enjoy reading Using Social Media to Improve Your Small Business.