YouTube Video Marketing Made Simple

Don’t have a videographer? No problem! Video marketing with is easy and can be done by you or any employee!

Why Video Marketing?

Videos are a sure fast way to get your information out there! YouTube makes it so easy to share and like videos. Everyone uses YouTube, it’s a gateway of video marketing that is familiar to your target audience.

So it’s not a secret that videos are a great way to promote your business. Compared to forms of traditional marketing, such as commercials and radio ads, video marketing is cost effective for any budget.

What Your Video Should Be

A benefit to video marketing is that you have complete control of what you upload to YouTube. Therefore, the content of the video is completely up to you and your team! It can be a simple generic video to promote your work and services. Or it can be a more in-depth video, known as a featured video.

A generic video that we recommend starting off with is one of photo transitions and music. Include images of you, your business, or your work. Consider using stock photos, which are photographs that are professionally done. If you do use personal images, make sure that they are of high quality. Then add some music and words, and there you have it! All a video really needs is great sound and visuals! Many free video making programs offer a voice-over option, if you would prefer for you or an employee to provide narration for the video. Simple videos can easily look professional. Check out this video of a website design portfolio.

If you desire video marketing that’s more in-depth, go for it! Have either the owner, manager, or an employee sit in front of a camera and be the star of a featured video. A featured video is one that informs the viewer more about what you specialize in. A featured video will often get more views, because its content is either more entertaining or it’s a topic of concern. For example, if your business is an personal injury law firm, make a featured video talking about the necessary steps after being in a car accident. If your business is a bakery, make a baking tutorial video for home-made frosting. Be personal, be relevant, be professional! Make a point to use efficient lighting and a good background/backdrop, to make your video look great.

How to Write Video Scripts

The actual video isn’t the only thing that’s important…it’s how you upload it! Make it as easy as possible for viewers to learn more about the business, as well as find how to contact you. Keywords are how people find your videos, so it is necessary to have a keyword that’s right to the point. Let’s use the example of an auto accident law firm.

A good keyword would be ‘Tampa Accident Lawyer’.

The same goes for the title, which could include either the business name and/or area. It is also highly recommended to include the phone number, separated from the rest of the title with a vertical line.

The title, ‘Auto Accident Lawyer, John Doe | Tampa Attorney | 813-123-4567’.

A good video description makes your video look professional, it’s another way to boost your image! Be sure to provide a well constructed and polished description. Begin your description with a thesis statement, to grab the reader’s attention.

‘Auto accident victims need a lawyer of great integrity and perseverence’

Then give a two to three sentence spiel about your business and what your employees do.

‘John Doe Attorney has been specializing in auto accidents and personal injuries for the Tampa Bay area for over 15 years. From start to finish, we take your case head-on to make sure justice is served’

Then the next line should be your company slogan or one last sales pitch.

‘Pick the attorney that will fight for you’

The last line of your description should be your contact information.

‘Visit to start your case today’

It’s important to remember that the video script is just as important as the video, this is where you continue to sell yourself to your audience.

Must-Do’s for Video Marketing

A recap on the most important things your video must have:

  • Appealing music and/or a friendly voice over
  • Lots of visuals (i.e. photos, photo transitions, words…)
  • A video title with basic keywords
  • Telephone number in the title
  • A well constructed video script

Video makes it possible to get the word out there about your business, like an electronic flyer. Videos are extremely easy when it comes to sharing and sending! Share your videos through all your company’s social media accounts… such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. It just goes to show you that with today’s advanced technology and social media, the possibilities for marketing are endless!