5 Ways to Choose the Right Domain Name

Domain names have one very important quality that if not adhered to will lessen the chance of generating traffic to your website all together. They must be memorable. If the domain name is not easy to remember, contains too many letters, is too close to other sites names, or hard to spell, chances are no one will remember this name at all. There goes your chance at generating traffic by using this domain name.

choosing the right domain name for your websiteHere are some ways that your name may spark an interest in people and be easier to remember when they are looking for the product or service that you provide.

1) Come up with something that is not too long and has a connection to your business or site. For example, if you sell accessories for dogs, such as anything from houses to flea collars, a good name might be Everyone knows Spot is a dog’s name and if you said spot most people would think of a dog. Whereas if you use, everyone might not think of this name. They would think of doghouses, collars, bowls – in other words everything but the accessories part.

2) can be used for another example of what you should do when choosing a domain name. Accessories is not always the easiest word to spell. Does it have one ‘c’ or two? Two ‘esses’ or one? The idea is to make your domain name one that does not create confusion. A name that is easy to spell is a must.

3) Everybody wants to use .com. This is just easier to remember but it is not always available. If you are considering a name and the .com is already taken, you may want to consider .net or .org. These are two more that are becoming as popular as the .com name. They are also easier to remember than some of the other domain extensions. If you happen to catch the .com extension, you may if possible, pick up the .net and .org ones as well. It can cause confusion when people are searching for your business and cannot remember which domain extension was used. If you have them all, they will be sure to find your site.

4) Use the correct spelling. Sometimes businesses try to get too cute by spelling something a different way than the traditional. This may be your idea of unique but if no one remembers how to spell it, the name will be so unique in fact that no one can find it. Sometimes it is hard enough trying to remember how to spell something the correct way without considering all the variations under which it may be listed.

5) When you decide on a name, you should write it down, put it together and make sure it says what you want to say. For instance, the abbreviations for some words added with other words makes for a whole different meaning than what you had in mind. Another mistake is two words may make one word that is not what you wanted to use at all. So put your domain name together all as one word, look at it and make sure it is not advertising something other than what you are really selling.