9 Hilarious Ways to Create a Cheap Website

  1. Type or blog inappropriate content that might evoke irrational behaviors in other people who might view it. Such content might include racist material, excessive profanity, or radical ways in politics and religion that can offend some viewers.
  2. A disorganized layout can confuse viewers. Such layout is hard to follow, and viewers will not be able to find whatever they are looking for, even though the website might have the information somewhere on there.
  3. Bad color scheme can turn off some viewers because of its cheap color choice. Websites that are not color-coordinated can hurt some of the viewers’ eyes while repulsing other viewers. Some websites are too dark and overbearing, while other websites are too pale and plain.
  4. Photographs or pictures of rude finger gestures and nasty facial expressions. Again, such people are usually just trying to get attention for social interaction due to their loneliness.
  5. Too much bad grammar, sentence structure problems, misspelled words and typos can annoy viewers, making a website look cheap and unprofessional.
  6. Weird names or nicknames on a website can make the website appear cheap, amateurish or childish. Although they can also be playful and fun if not overdone and overused in the website, some viewers can get offended by such names or nicknames used.
  7. Usage of a certain celebrity on their site to help them promote their website better or people who pretend to be that celebrity in order to promote their website can make the person who owns the website appear desperate for attention.
  8. Too much comics, jokes and funny pictures can be unprofessional if overdone. Occasionally, two or three jokes to lighten up technical material on a website can be beneficial to the site. But if overdone, viewers are not likely to take the site seriously.
  9. Websites that have too much technical content or website that are filled with big words that most people don’t use can deter viewers from visiting that site. Too much long and difficult word usage in a website can make the site appear technical. Such words are unknown to the general audience, and there such words should be used minimally to avoid confusion.

Balance is the key to a professional website!