How To Find A Graphic or Web Design Intern

how to find a good internFor many companies, hiring an intern is the way to go for many reasons. One of the most rewarding reasons is the fact that you are helping shape the future of graphic or web design. Generally, an intern is still in college; therefore, they are most likely up to date on the latest technology and software, which is a big plus for businesses. Furthermore, for most students an internship is required for graduation as well. So, how do you find a graphic or web design intern?

Well, you can go about this in several different ways. The first and probably easiest way to find an intern is to go through a local college or trade school. Most of them have programs for companies and interns to help match them together. You can dictate just what skills you need from your intern such as perhaps, communication, knowledge of pre-press, website design, Adobe Illustrator, drawing, Photoshop, or a variety of other software programs.

Other ways to find an intern include placing an advertisement in the local newspaper or an online outlet. Make sure that you specify that you are looking for an intern if you do go this route. Also, you want to decide if this will be a paid or unpaid internship. To help make this decision, take a look at your own business and economy. For example, if you are a not-for-profit organization, it is generally acceptable to offer an unpaid internship. Other types of businesses and organizations can consider paid positions for students who have some experience.

What To Look For When Hiring An Intern

So, you have done everything you have to do with advertisement or going through a local college or trade school, now you are in the interview process. You likely have your pick of many interns, which one(s) should you be choosing for your business.

First, you will want to require a few things from all applicants, the main requirement should be a graphic design portfolio. This will be a collective showing of their designs and art work. Of course, while all of the designs are important to you, you will want to pay more attention to those that are geared directly towards your business. For example, if you are in the business of logo and branding, this is obviously what you want to be looking for. If you are looking for designs for publications, this is what you need to be looking for.

During the interview process, talk with your potential interns, get a feel for them. Determine if this ethics and personality will suit your business environment. Choose the intern that you feel most comfortable with, follow your instincts.

Hiring a great intern is paving the way for the future of graphic or web design. It is giving the intern the experience they need to carry them through their lives and careers, they will definitely appreciate the position and work hard in most cases to learn as much as they can.