How To Protect Yourself From A Horrible Web Design Client

As a web designer, you will encounter more than a few difficult customers. Designing a website takes a lot of talent in graphic design and programming, so you want to protect your time and talents.

Often, your customer doesn’t know what they want until you create it. Your client may request a new color scheme after he agreed on the one you used. After he requests numerous changes that take many more hours, he will balk at the extra expense.

To protect yourself, add the following to your contract:

  • Get 50 percent of total payment before you start working.
  • Include delivery times for yourself and for the client to make decisions.
  • Ask the client to send you websites they like and sites they do not like.
  • Give the client three mock sites to choose from.
  • After he agrees on a design, sign a new contract stating that he agrees to the design and will pay an additional fee to deviate from the design.
  • Do not give the client any files until they pay the balance due.

From: Top Web Design Schools