Website Design and Feng Shui

Many people use Feng Shui in their everyday lives to create balance and harmony, but what does Feng Shui have to do with website and graphic design? Let’s first go over what Feng Shui is and how it works in our everyday lives and then we will discuss how it can be used on websites and in graphic design.

Any place that you live or work, even the car you drive can have Feng Shui used in it to help you live a more harmonious and balanced life style. In this article we will focus on using the practice of Feng Shui on your website. This is new to the business world, many people have used Feng Shui in their offices and homes to increase Chi flow and improve life within these places.

Using graphics on your website you can arrange “objects”, colors and layout to improve the Chi flow on your website. Let’s look at some practical approaches to using Feng Shui on a website. When it comes to designing a web page it can be hard to get away from straight lines and ninety degree angels but these things do not let the Chi flow smoothly and can therefore create bad Feng Shui.

To counteract the bad Feng Shui associated with straight lines you can add a few curves here and there. You can also add a few objects that have unusual shapes; these tips can make your website easier on the eyes and allow the Chi to flow more smoothly. If you want to add a bit of color to your website they should be clean and bright colors. Dark and dingy colors will make the Chi flow go stagnant and create bad Feng Shui.

NEVER, EVER have any kind of dead ends on your website. Your viewer should be able to move smoothly and freely though the site without ever having to use the back button. Make sure that on every page there is a link to every other page that your site has. When your viewers can easily get through your page they will most likely come back to your page when they need to instead of going somewhere else.

Make tranquil places on your site. These places can be a blank space or a page with some peaceful and discrete images that will help the viewer rest their eyes and take a break from the harshness of using the Internet. Tranquil places for a home or garden are usually in the form of a fish bowl or plants, running water is also very good Feng Shui.

The good thing about Feng Shui is that you do not have to believe in what it does for it to work its magic in your life. I have see first hand where those who did not believe in Feng Shui were completely affected when the Chi was not able to flow smoothly and it does not look good. Bad Feng Shui can seriously effect your life and not in a good way.