Blogging: How to Get Inspired?

Inspiration for blogging is all around. Very cliche, but still true! Bloggers constantly must come up with a new blog post…which can be overwhelming. But don’t fret—you can do this!

A blog post requires good grammar, strong sentence structure, and a conclusion. But when it really comes down to it, the biggest obstacle is getting focused on what it is you’re blogging about! When inspired, you start fiercely clicking at your keyboard as you type. Once you’re there, it’s pretty easy!

So, what direction do I take for my blog? Over the course of the years, I’ve come along a few ways that have helped me in my blogging endeavors.

So first things first when it comes to blogging:

  • Get opinionated! You’re not some news reporter or journalist,  who can only show an opinion when quoting a source. You’re a blogger! What you have to say is different from other sources. What’s got you excited or annoyed? Readers and followers look to you to be relatable and real. It’s your secret weapon, so don’t hold back!Blogging-How to Get Inspired
  • Write what you care about. Bottom line: a blog post is not going to be good if it’s just a plethora of information and facts. Your story needs a spark! Choose a subject that interests you…what YOU want to blog about. 

For my Art History class last semester I had to write an essay about how art techniques helped to shape art periods. I took advantage of the assignment by choosing the painter I’m obsessed with, Vincent Van Gogh! The finished product? A cohesive paper about why (I believe) Van Gogh’s brilliant innovation influenced Post-Impressionsim and painting in general. Of course, with parenthetical citations and proper sources to support me. 

  • Draw from current events. Everyone is affected by pop culture, family, politics, etc.. The best approach is to look around and be observant.

Well, it’s the beginning of summer. That can provide an array of topics for blogging! Whether it’s tricks for a cost-effective vacation or new summer trends. What else is going on in our world?

The book rated #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List ? A celebrity scandal? The latest in fashion? An upcoming holiday? The Current State of the Union?

Important point: don’t re-blog what other reports have said about the current event. That’s so boring! Not to mention cheating! Make your story, your opinion, all your own!

  • Pick a topic that is going on in your life.  It’s a good trick to take a look at your life and what you’re dealing with. Then draw from there. Use your life to lead you to a bigger picture, a blog post that people would want to read about!

I am doing an internship right now. That can be newsworthy! So I explore that idea. I take a direction that interests me. The end result is a blog post with a headline that says something like, ‘Why an Internship Is Easier To Get Nowadays.’ A blog post in which I share how universities are getting more proactive about providing students intern opportunities, providing my own experience. I may also quote my boss’ opinion that she looks at a work portfolio/experience before she even reads a resume. In the end, I get an informative blog post that is of common interest among college students, my peers. Because it’s about what I found through my own experiences.