Top 100 Design blogs To Follow

Look for MDesign Media in position #23! An infographic by the team at Artfulclub .

10 Tips For Law Firm Logo Design

Designing a logo for your law firm is a huge step and foundation of its success. Without proper branding, your firm won’t even get the chance to pitch its services to potential clients because they’ve already lost interest. You need a solid logo to...

Creative Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Business in Your Area

An important aspect to owning a small business is getting your face out there and reaching out to your public. Your community is your main public, therefore it is necessary to network in an efficient manner! Marketing is the key to success for any business!...

The 3 Compelling Steps for Professional Branding

Professional branding is when a person optimizes their image, which is done both online and in print. Professional branding is impressive especially a potential employer, because it shows them how much you put into building your image as a professional. ...

Custom Logo Design Tips for Beginners

Designing Logos is no easy task, that’s why there are so many well-paid professionals, and a great deal many more not-so-well-paid, but nonetheless legitimate, experts in the field of logo design doing the work for others. The industry is riddled with...

What Music Do You Listen to in the Office?

Everyone loves music. Thanks to modern technology, we now have the luxury of listening to whatever song whenever we want…with the click of a button. Today, if you’re in the mood for some tunes you can satisfy that craving with multiple forms...

YouTube Video Marketing Made Simple

Don’t have a videographer? No problem! Video marketing with is easy and can be done by you or any employee! Why Video Marketing? Videos are a sure fast way to get your information out there! YouTube makes it so easy to share and like videos. Everyone...