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Use of HTML Editors

An HTML editor is a great piece of software that allows people with little (or even no) knowledge of HTML to create a website. What is HTML anyways you ask? It’s an acronym for Hypertext Markup Language that is the code that allows us to see webpages...

Why Do I Get So Much Spam Email?

The question that we have all asked at one point or another in our time of being on the internet and a question that we all want to know; Why do I get some much spam mail? Firstly, we will see exactly where spam comes from, how its generated, and then...

Animated Gifs Versus Flash Movement

Here we will discuss  animated GIFs  versus Flash. Let’s start off by distinguishing the two. Shockwave Flashes/Small Web Format and Shockwave Flash (also known as SWF) is a more of an advanced method for publishing animated and/or streaming content...

Sound on a Website or No Sound?

When you first visit a website, many things can grab your attention.  Some good, some bad.  This is where the question of sound or no sound comes into play.  Adding music can really make a website stand out from the rest, or it can the opposite effect...