10 Tips For Law Firm Logo Design

Designing a logo for your law firm is a huge step and foundation of its success. Without proper branding, your firm won’t even get the chance to pitch its services to potential clients because they’ve already lost interest. You need a solid logo to convey to your potential clients that your firm is trustworthy, reliable and professional. When designing your logo, follow these 10 tips for success:

Hire a Professional

In an effort to save money and have total control over the process, some lawyers decide not to hire a professional designer when it comes to creating their logo. Logos are simple enough, right? Well, while this is an option that you have the freedom to take, without hiring a professional, your firm simply won’t look professionally presented, and in the legal world, professionalism is highly valuable. Investing in a professional is worth it, and you will still retain control over what you want and choose to be your logo.

Traditional vs Modern

In the legal field, it is typically safer and more effective to stick to more traditional formats and styles.This is not necessarily a bad thing. It is possible to add in some modern touches to the logo, but for the most part, law firm logos tend to stay traditional in theme.

Neutral Colors

Law isn’t exactly a festive and extremely exciting field, in the clients’ view. People looking for lawyers aren’t usually looking for bright and popping colors. Keep the colors that you use in your logo duller and more neutral toned for a more official and professional look.

Readable Fonts

The fonts that you choose should be easily readable. Don’t use script or cursive fonts, and custom fonts with many embellishments are typically unsuitable for a law firm as well. Choose a font that is interesting but still entirely legible and clean.


Law firm logos should not be too elaborate. When in doubt, choose the simpler option. Law firms want to reflect the simplicity of the process for the client; complex and intricate designs give a very different impression.

A Note About Standing Out

While it is important to differentiate your firm from all of the other legal firms out there, it is still important to stay relatively familiar to them so that you fit in with the rest of the field. Your logo needs to be unique and representative of your firm, but it still needs to look like a lawyer’s logo.

Send it Around

Your logo doesn’t need to be a surprise. Before you finalize anything, send it around to friends, family, and colleagues; they might be able to see something in it that you or your designer are unable to, and catch a mistake last minute.


Make sure that the design you choose can be easily scaled downwards and upwards. Usually, simpler logos are more easily scaled, while more elaborate logos become unrecognizable when scaled down. Remember that this logo will be on a building as well as a business card.


While paying attention to current trends is important, you also want to create something that is timeless so that you can still use it in 25 years.

Dark and Light

Finally, keep in mind that the logo needs to look crisp and clear on both white and black backgrounds, since it will be used across a variety of mediums on a variety of materials.