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Who Are The 10 Most Profitable Media Companies?

American Big Media is Rolling in the Dough The 10 most profitable media companies entertain more than 300 million Americans. Comcast made the most revenue with $55.8 billion, followed by Walt Disney with $40.8 billion and News Corporation with $33.4 billion....

How To Use Web Designs That Evoke An Era

When it comes to designing a website be it for personal use or for a business, it can sometimes take a while and be quite tricky to get that spark of inspiration. Knowing precisely what you want isn’t completely necessary if you are using a web...

How To Protect Yourself From A Horrible Web Design Client

As a web designer, you will encounter more than a few difficult customers. Designing a website takes a lot of talent in graphic design and programming, so you want to protect your time and talents. Often, your customer doesn’t know what they want...

The Social Way to Extend Your PR Reach

When taking advantage of the social media avenues that are readily available your PR can work for you in a wide variety of ways and dramatically extend the reach of your news. A well written tweet about your PR can compel readers to click the link to...

Effective E-mail Marketing – Breaking Through the Clutter

When executed correctly, it’s estimated that return on investment for an effective e-mail marketing campaign is $40 for every $1 spent. But how do you break through the clutter and not end up in the spam bucket? Here’s your plan for success. Your...

MDesign Media Named One of the Nation’s Top Digital Design Blogs

From blog submissions throughout the nation MDesign Media has been named as a finalist in eCollegeFinder and StockVault’s Top Digital Design Blogs Awards competition. The competition celebrates the best digital design blogs on the Internet as a...