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What Academic Advisors Don’t Know

Alright, so here is the first lesson to learn about college: You are a grown up and you can only depend on yourself. And no, that doesn’t include your academic advisor. I’ve learned a few things through my experiences with advising. Also,...

How Pinterest Can Market Your Business

Pinterest, a vital tool to market your business? Is that a real thing? I bet you thought Pinterest was for sharing cooking recipes, crafting techniques, and wedding ideas. Because that’s what I always thought! But no, I’ve come to find that...

6 Things To Consider When Designing A Restaurant’s Website

From photography to considering mobile users, web masters have to consider a lot when it comes to a restaurant’s website. We’ve put together a list of key issues any restaurant should consider when creating their website. Mobile Optimize:...

Blogging: How to Get Inspired?

Inspiration for blogging is all around. Very cliche, but still true! Bloggers constantly must come up with a new blog post…which can be overwhelming. But don’t fret—you can do this! A blog post requires good grammar, strong sentence structure,...