How Pinterest Can Market Your Business

Pinterest, a vital tool to market your business? Is that a real thing?

I bet you thought Pinterest was for sharing cooking recipes, crafting techniques, and wedding ideas. Because that’s what I always thought! But no, I’ve come to find that it’s not just for girls looking to find a recipe for gluten-free cookies. Pinterest is a global tool for sharing images and information. It’s fast. It’s hands-on. And the marketing world is getting in on it!

Pinterest is now one of the most used social websites, according to Just think about how many people are on Pinterest right now! Now, compare that number to how many customers or clients your business dealt with today. Now, don’t you think it’s time you got yourself in on the action? 

What your company’s Pinterest account should have…

Organized boards

Your business is dynamic, and that should be evident in your Pinterest boards. Pinterest, like Facebook and Twitter, represents your business as a whole. A cluttered Pinterest account is just as unappealing as an empty one.

Get organized! Create boards that are properly labelled according to its content inside. Be sure to have multiple boards to ensure interaction and interest among internet traffic. Your goal is to have a board for everybody. MDesign Media’s Pinterest account has many boards that represent our interests as a company. From Photography to Business, we have boards that can attract a variety of potential clients! 

Pins with links to your website

It’s so much more interactive than getting a ‘Like’ on Facebook. The point of a Pinterest account is for your business to get friendly with the online world. It’s about  image interaction for online visitors. For your pins and repins, be sure to always include a link to your website. It’s all about getting yourself noticed in order to get potential customers to your website!

Informative pins of articles

Informative and interesting pins can help lead to followers! Even if the pin is of a link to someone else’s blog post/article, pin it if it’s relevant to your Pinterest! You can use your Pinterest account to inform people about your area of expertise.

Are you a clothing store? Pin an article about the latest fashion trends. Are you an insurance agency? Pin insurance rates. Are you a photography studio? Pin photography techniques.

Images of your business

“Eye-catching images engage potential customers who want to know more” said Marie Furman, CEO/President of MDesign Media. 

Pinterest is a website about sharing images, and your account’s images are vital to representing your company. Whether you are a woman’s clothing boutique or a law firm, pin your images to showcase yourselves. Remember: When pinning the link to a blog post or article, Pinterest will make the link’s featured image the face of the pin.

Also, make it personal! You can pin images of your product, service, location, or business event. And don’t be afraid to pin an image of a flyer or your employees in action!  Be sure that these personal images are high-quality and appealing, to ensure interaction from your followers.

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Utilize Pinterest to interact with potential clients. Pin and repin over and over again. Be active! Remember the old cliche, a picture is worth a thousand words…so get yours out there!