Updating a Website is Beyond a Simple Click

You head over to your favorite website and find they finally updated their old format to a more hip and modern look. The graphic design is fresh and exciting and you can’t believe they finally did it. In fact, you are surprised at how easy it was...

Fonts: How To Choose Which One

Fonts, how to choose one? Whether it’s for fun or work, you need to decide on a specific font for your writing. There is quite a bit of thought that goes into choosing one. What to consider when choosing a font Fonts have changed quite a bit from...

The Dark Side of Web Design

 If you are jumping into the profession of web design then you are probably well aware that there are a few things that you will never want to hear. This goes for any business of course, but when you are in web development, you are not only in high demand,...

Cloud Processing with Google Docs

Cloud is not new by any stretch of the imagination, but Google docs has taken it to an entirely new level. Rather than dealing with a locally installed word processor you can now use a word processor installed on Google’s server. Why would you do...

9 Hilarious Ways to Create a Cheap Website

Type or blog inappropriate content that might evoke irrational behaviors in other people who might view it. Such content might include racist material, excessive profanity, or radical ways in politics and religion that can offend some viewers. A disorganized...

Which Browser is Most Popular and Why?

The browser wars have been going on for years. Practically since the advent of the Internet the browser wars have kept us entertained and annoyed in turn. In the beginning the two who were duking it out were Netscape and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer....

Weird Domain Names

As you probably know by this point, the Internet has been around for a very long time. What many people don’t know is that it wasn’t originally intended for personal use. No one actually expected people to start making personal pages, or pages...

What is the Difference Between Advertising and Marketing?

Often times people think of advertising and marketing as one and the same.  It’s no wonder!  We watch new stories and articles that talk about marketing strategy while at the same time we’re hit with advertisements on just about any medium...

Email Marketing is a Two Way Street

Who ever said that email marketing must be one-way push marketing?  Sure, by the very nature of the medium, an email newsletter or email blast begins with one-way communication.  But there are several techniques that you can employ to transform that...

What is Skype and How Can I Use it for My Business?

Skype is one of those tools that just makes sense for business owners. Take a few minutes to explore the website, download the app, sign up and then save money!