The 3 Compelling Steps for Professional Branding

Professional branding is when a person optimizes their image, which is done both online and in print. Professional branding is impressive especially a potential employer, because it shows them how much you put into building your image as a professional. ...

Comparing The Differences Between Joomla And WordPress

Joomla and WordPress are two of the most popular CMS systems available to anyone who has access to the internet. WordPress though is seen as more of a platform to be used for blogging than a website builder platform, even though it is actually both. Joomla...

WordPress – Better at SEO than Other CMS Software?

WordPress has gained in popularity lately and with very good reason. Not only is the learning curve with WordPress far lower than with many other types of software, but it’s also far faster to get online. You may have heard it said that Google loves...

What is a Content Management System (“CMS”)

A CMS is a web application that uses a database to store and manage all of your web pages and content.