What Are Employers Looking For?

Alex France - Uni interview today at Huddersfield [Day 23]When applying for any job, it’s wise to consider what the employer is looking for from applicants. This consideration can be the difference between being invited for an interview and receiving a rejection. Although every employer will have individual needs which are applicable to the specific job and the role in question (the job description, the person specification, and so on), there are also specific things which every employer, irrespective of the specific marketing job, is looking for and will be looking to see evidence of in your application.

Ability and Specific Criteria

It might sound obvious, but the most important aspect of your application is that you are able to demonstrate the ability to do the job at hand. Anyone can apply for a job as a PR Manager but only a select few people will be able to fulfill the task and only a few will have the experience, aptitude and experience to demonstrate their ability to do so. This point is crucial when completing any application

Again, it might sound obvious but according to latest research, at least 60% of an interview is spent assessing whether the candidate will fit in with the existing team and work well, so a large part of any application should demonstrate the kind of person you are and your ability to work well in a team.

If you’re wondering about the importance of working well in a team then consider that a newcomer to your circle of friends can alter the group dynamic significantly and if they are not a “good fit” they can actually be the cause of disharmony there. Now transfer the damage that the wrong fit of person can do into a working environment and you start to get an idea as to why this is so important.

Ambition and Personal Development

Along with demonstrating that you can do the job in question, employers want to see that you have the confidence to be able to do it; this doesn’t mean making your application sound arrogant but it does mean demonstrating that you have confidence in your ability, will be able to stick to your opinions when recommending or suggesting marketing tactics for a client or when it comes to targeting and will be confident and personable when attracting new clients to their work.

They are also looking for a desire to achieve. It’s no longer enough to be mediocre for employers: they’re looking for people who have the drive and ambition to excel in their career and more specifically they want people who will excel for them.

As part of this desire to achieve, employers are often curious as to why you came to apply for that specific job and that specific company so don’t be afraid to tell them. They want to know what attracted you to the role and why you were driven towards their company. This knowledge gives them the information they need to decide if you’re the right person for the role and it’s unwise to wait for your interview to tell them when you can work this into your personal statement or covering letter and impress them before even meeting them. 

Charles Reybreck is a freelance writer specializing in marketing jobs.