Reasons To Develop a Reading Habit

So I don’t care how dorky this sounds. I love reading! It’s probably my absolute favorite hobby!

One of the many reasons why I loathe my college workload is that homework and studying do not provide me the time for personal reading. If I could spend an entire day reading while cuddled up in bed, I would! There’s so many enjoyable perks that come with the hobby that I can’t empathize with anyone who doesn’t care for it.

Here Are The Benefits Of Reading:

Get taken away to someone else’s story


I remember in middle school, a friend of mine said she hated reading. I didn’t understand how someone could hate something so leisurely and wonderful. The only time she probably read was when it was required by our teacher. You read, you answer questions, you get tested on it. And what middle schooler likes academics, really? And that’s the problem. Reading isn’t appealing to some people because they associate it with school.

But I don’t get why people hate reading for personal enjoyment. Here’s my argument… Do you like movies? Do you like television? Then why wouldn’t you love to read!? Those viewing forms of entertainment temporarily take you away from your own life and allow you to explore someone else’s. To put in simpler terms: a great book is like a good movie …but better! Why? Because it’s more in depth. Through the perspective of the reader, you know the character’s thoughts and feelings. You perceive everything from their point of view. You gain a greater grasp on the story because books make it more real for the reader.

Personal alone time

Reading time is ‘me’ time! It’s when I get to relax. When I’ve had enough with everything going on in my day, a good book provides me with the privacy I need.  A gateway to a story is a relaxing hobby that is purely enjoyable. It’s just the perfect way to get my mind off of things.

Learn new things

Cue inspirational music! Books teach you a lot about the world around us and the people in it. I like to read inspirational and coming-of-age type of stories. My current obsession is John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. When I read a book…I really invest my heart into it and connect to characters. I journey with them through their struggles. I learn everything that they learn about people, life, and happiness. And I fully acknowledge the fact that I’m cheesy when I say that if you pay close attention, books teach you about life.

Reading is good for the brain

Surprise, surprise! Time to get all scientific and technical. According to the Huffington post, reading is good neurological exercise for the brain. Leisure reading helps to improve your memory and brain function.

A piece of literature really gets you thinking, ya know? I never thought the literary terms that I learned in 10th grade could one day be used in real conversation. But alas, my nerdiness has proved me wrong.

“I think Charlie’s love for her parallels the love he once had for his aunt…”

I proudly declare my inner nerd when I confirm that this is indeed something I really said to a friend about one of our favorite books. A literary analysis helps to enhance your critical thinking, not to mention making great conversation with your fellow book nerds! Which leads me to my next point…

Books bring people together

Books are a common interest among people. They are great for sharing and discussing, whether it’s with a friend or a book club! Oprah Winfrey’s book club is all about promoting literary growth while coming together to discuss great books! There are multiple types of book clubs for different people. Check out the 5 New Book Clubs You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.

Also makes it easy and very convenient for you to find the right book club for you in your area!

By having a common interest among a group of readers, you form friendships. Making reading a hobby that’s relaxing, intellectual, and social!