Facebook Vs Pinterest: 5 Things We’ve Learned, unique jewellery e-commerce site, has recently made a glaring insight of the behaviors of social media users.

Boticca are doing particularly well on Facebook and Pinterest. They can boast a strong comprehension of shrewd brand use of social media platforms with 27,000 likes on Facebook and over 700 followers on the Pinterest. continues to shape effective online customer relationships by sharing stimulating and inspiring content.

In an effort to more broadly understand the workings of their customer’s psyche Boticca did some research during the spring of 2012 that would put their social media fan base to good business use.

They took a tester group of fifty thousand visitors to each site over the course of a month and awaited the findings of their study. There were 5 particularly striking insights that were revealed and are outlined in this easy to digest infographic. 

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