Advice for Aspiring Digital Designers

In response to MDesign Media‘s nomination for eCollegeFinder & StockVault’s Top Digital Design Blogs Award, we created a student-targeted post to provide insight and guidance on design and the digital design industry.

What is your greatest advice for aspiring digital designers?

Once we started thinking about it, it was hard to only provide one piece of advice… So here are a few things that we think are quite important to consider during your designer journey:

  • Concentrate on one design skill and do it well. Choose an aspect of design and become an expert at it.
  • Once you’ve mastered a design skill, expand to other aspects of design and diversify your skills. If are now designing logos with your eyes closed, try working on a few WordPress websites.
  • In the digital world technology changes rapidly, so it’s important to constantly learn. Subscribe to industry newsletters. Read blogs and magazines.
  • Partner with other experts in similar fields. If you are a graphic designer, partner with a web designer. Learn from each other and share leads.
  • Don’t take your skills for granted. You know more than you realize. 
  • Trust yourself. Know your worth.
  • Offer good value. Only discount your prices for repeat clients who give you volume.
  • Don’t take your teachers, helpers and partners for granted. Show them you appreciate them.
  • Ask for testimonials and referrals when your clients are happy with your work.
  • Don’t believe in competition. There is enough work for everyone. Different designers appeal to different clients.
  • Compliment other designers on their successes. Don’t hold back. Be happy for them.
  • Stay passionate and be proud of yourself. 

We look forward to hearing from aspiring digital designers and your thoughts on your design journey!

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