Updating a Website is Beyond a Simple Click

You head over to your favorite website and find they finally updated their old format to a more hip and modern look. The graphic design is fresh and exciting and you can’t believe they finally did it. In fact, you are surprised at how easy it was for them to do. An hour ago, you were on that site and it was still the old design. You are glad they finally clicked that box that says, “Update Design”.

The truth of the matter is the new design and graphic art you are looking at didn’t happen in a few minutes. Designers were hard at work making the theme and graphics that are leaving your impressed. Let’s take a moment to look over the time that goes into both graphic and website design so you understand just how time consuming it can be.

Unless you are using a template based program to design your website, you are faced with a number of choices to make. For example, you need to determine where the best placement for tool bars, links and even graphics will be. When you have the basic design covered, you need to then begin linking everything to the pages that they will go to. This process can be very time consuming and any mistakes will lead to the dreaded 404 page.

For most website designers, they will work hours on a single page to ensure it not only looks correct, but flows smoothly from one page to the next. This isn’t the process of simply clicking a button and making it work, it is a detailed process that takes weeks to complete. In some cases, there may be issues with uploading and other items as well that can take time and effort to fix.

Importance оf Graphic Design іn thе Web Designing Process

The same can be said for graphic design. All the images and photos on the internet didn’t happen overnight. These images were created by individuals that devoted hours and days to creating the image and perfecting it. When you look at these images, think about a painting that someone has done and submitted to a gallery. These people spent hours going over the minor details that will lead to the graphic designs that fill the website you are looking at.

That being said, it is important that you realize each website you spend 5 minutes on took a person days and weeks to create. This is their understanding of coding and layout design that helps to create a website that you can enjoy and you must keep in mind that it is through their hard work and dedication their website exists. So the next time you look at even the simplest website, don’t write it off as something that someone clicked a button on and magically their page was created. Instead, respect it for the hours of programming and design they put into it to deliver a space online that you and millions of others have the chance to enjoy and look at whenever you feel like it.