How did I get here?

Here it goes, my first post! I’m a graphics guru, a creative marketing goddess, typically “writing is just not my thing,” but I’m excited about writing a blog! I’m looking forward to sharing my views, opinions and expertise in the world of graphic and website design, as well as some of my experiences working in corporate

America and being self-employed. Come to think of it, I have a lot of experience and knowledge and I think it’s time the world knew about it! So here it goes…. I have been in the world of graphics and advertising for over 11 years. While it has been a long road, the transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship has been fairly natural transition. My first experience was in newspaper and magazine layout; everything was all about deadlines and I learned to be fast. This experience would serve me well as I then entered the world of corporate marketing.

I obtained a position with First American as a junior graphic designer and then when the marketing dept moved to Dallas, I was transferred to First Advantage. I loved Florida to much too follow the team to Texas, and who can blame me, it is the sunshine state. My next experience consisted of managing the multimedia department at Tampa Digital Studios, I learned how to diversify my project management skills and sales tactics while keeping my designer’s beliefs. It wasn’t long before one of my clients offered me a sales and marketing director position at their medical facilities.

While working a full time job, I freelanced during weekends and nights, which was a good thing because I unfortunately got laid off a year later. I went from freelancing part-time to full time and little by little doing more sales, and working with designers I launched my business, MDesign Media. So there you have it, 11 years in less than 400 words! If only it were that simple. I’m looking forward to sharing my various experience and insight about graphic and website design. Oh, and marketing too…did I mention that I recently met a marketing diva? I suppose that may be the next blog!

Stay tuned and Take care, Marie.

January 16, 2012: Update

Wow… I’ve been in business over 6 years now and still loving it! We are now specializing in web design as well as “anything else marketing”.

Take a look at our web design portfolio.