Should A Photographer Add A Client And Pricing List To The Website Client List

Every professional photographer has a photo website or an online portfolio which represents the work he does. If you came across the issue of adding your client list to it and you doubt whether you should do it or not, the answer is YES, you should.

You need to show the audience and your potential clients that you are a real professional who can do the job, that you are trustworthy and your services are of high quality. Adding your client list to your website is one of the most powerful ways to do it. You definitely should tell others whom you were and are working with as it brings the feeling of confidence and establishes the credibility.

Sometimes looking through your client list your potential customers may see their competitors included in it. In this case there is a great chance they will hire you not to drop behind. From your part, you need to persuade them that you will do what you are asked for in a quite other manner, that this project will be different from the one of their competitors and that you can do it even better. Turn it into your advantage and get another well-paying client added to your list.

There is another thing that is also powerful and provides great amount of confidence and credibility – testimonials. It will be fantastic if you ask the clients from your list to give some feedbacks about your collaboration. It is a powerful technique of attracting new clients – they will see that you do a great job and a lot of respectful clients appreciate it, which means that you are a professional worth to work with. Put the testimonials to your website with mentioning your customers’ address for the potential ones to click and see everything with their own eyes. You will get a tremendous experience sharing it with the whole world.

No hesitations – add a client list to your website, get testimonials, showcase who you are and what you do. By such means you will make your potential clients see that you are the right person for the job.

Many photographers think that putting the pricing on their website will help them attract clients and simplify their work. If you do think so be sure you are absolutely WRONG.

The reason why you should not put any pricing on your website is very simple. You need to be involved in communication with customer in order for him to remember you and to see your attitude towards your clients. Visible pricing can not do this great job. So if you hope to skip a huge piece of your work by putting pricing on your website and believe you will win from it, be sure that it doesn’t work and that it is not realistic. It only prevents you from the direct conversation with your client which is one of the most important part of your work.

What you need to do is to encourage your potential client to communicate with you, so you should make it easy to give a free consultation to your customer and have a conversation which will help you build good relationships from the start.
Instead of putting the pricing you should list three types of packages on your website:

  • Super package – the one that will include everything, every service you can provide.
  • The best deal package which will imply what you want to sell.
  • Basic package – includes all that is enough for you to do the job.

The packages are a perfect way to have communication with clients, to explain the pricing to them and tell everything they would like to know.

So the best way to let your clients know about the pricing is not putting it on your website but encouraging them for communication which will work for your reputation as well.

Post written by Karen Myers from ReadyPhotoSite, who delivers Flash Photo CMS websites for professional and amateur photographers.