Use robots.txt to Boost Search Engine Rankings

Every website is looking for the most effective SEO strategies. Each decision made regarding a website is made with the intent of making the website as attractive to search engines as possible, in order to ensure that the web page will be ranked highly on the search results list, which will, in turn, increase traffic.

For new sites that have parts under construction, the robots.txt file is an important tool that can be used to help increase their standings. Many new sites still have sections labeled as under construction, such as additions or pages on their website that are still being designed or finished.

There are also other pages, such as any log in pages, account pages, or any pages that simply won’t perform as well according to Google standards. There are also directories on your page, directories that you may not want Google to rank as one of their search results.

When Google visits a site and sees a large number of these pages, it will rank the site poorly as if it were incomplete or of poor quality. When Google ranks the page poorly, it will place it low down in the search engine rankings and the number of people who will actually see the web page will be very limited.

When Google is carrying out a search, it sends out a large number of robots and spiders to crawl all over a web page to determine of what quality the page is. When the robots run into a robot.txt file on the web page, it opens the file and reads the information inside. The information inside the file will be what pages the robots should visit, such as the pages that have a high density of keywords and quality content, as well as any other pages that are attractive to the robots. The file will also contain the pages that the robots should skip over, such as pages under construction.

The spiders and robots that Google sends out are not malicious or bad, they are simply the tools that Google uses to determine the best pages for their rankings. The robots.txt file ensures that the robots and spiders that crawl through your site will only find the pages that will increase your search engine rankings.

While some robots are able to override any directions laid out in the robots.txt file, the majority of the major search engines adhere to a strict protocol that ensures that any instructions laid out in the robots.txt files are carried out.